Aberration Server Settings[Detailed]

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Aberration Server Settings[Detailed]

Post by SpokeRat28 on Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:06 pm

Base Settings
Language English
Enable Events On
Primitive+ Off
CrossPlay Off

Prevent Survivor Download Off
Prevent Item-Download Off
Prevent Dino-Download Off
Prevent Survivor-Upload Off
Disable Dino Taming Off

Enable 3rd Person Mode On
Enable crosshairs On
Enable HardCore Off
Enable Status Notifications On
Join Notifications On
Enable Join Message On
Enable Leave Message On
Local Chat Only Off
Disable Floating Names Off
Enable Global Voice Chat Off
Difficulty Offset 1.0
Override Official Difficulty 5.0
Maximum Structure count Allowed Nearby 1300
Day Cycle Speed Scale 2.0
night Time Scale 0.6
Day Time Scale 1.4
Prevent Disproportionate Harvest On
All Item Containers Lockable On
Damage Dinos By Spike Walls Off
Disable Loot Crates Off
Show Floating Damage Text On
Disable Imprint Dino Buff Off
Allow Anyone Baby Imprints Cuddle On
Override structure platform Prevention On
Enable Extra Structure Prevention Volumes On
Non Permanent Diseases On
Prevent Diseases Off
Prevent Tribe Alliances Off
Allow Raid Dino Feeding On
Allow Hit Markers On
No Fish Loot Off
Fast Decay Unsnapped Core Structures On
Tribe Log Destroyed Enemy Structures Off
Force Flyer Explosives Off
Destroy Unconected Water pipes On
Allow Crate Spawns On Top Of Structures On
Auto Destroy Structures Off
Auto-destroy Decayed Dino No
Maximum Amount Of Dino Tamed 300
Allow Stamina Recovery While Flying On
Allow multiple C4 charges per dino Off
Allow Platform Saddle MultiFloors On
Unlimited respecs On
Prevent Spawn Animation Off
Corpse Locator On
Disable structure placement collision Off
Use singleplayer settings Off
Constant Fast Decay period 43200
optimise the Harvest Amount Multiplier Off
Will clamp all spoiling times to the items' maximum spoiling times Off
Enable Idle Player Kick Off
No Anti Speed Hack Off
No Biome Walls Off
Notify Admin Commands In Chat Off
Minimum Dino Reupload Interval Off
Only Auto Destroy Core Structures On
Forced Respawn of wild Dinos at server restart 0
Only Decay Unsnapped Core Structures On
Tribute Item Expiration Seconds 86400
Tribute Dino Expiration Seconds 86400
Tribute Character Expiration Seconds 86400
Limit Turrets in Range 0
Turret Limit Range On, 10000, 33 Foundations
Number of Turrets 100

Dino Dame Multiplier 1.5
Player Dame Multiplier 1.5
Structure Damage Multiplier 1.0
Auto Destroy Of Old Structures 1.0
Player Resistance Multiplier 1.5
Dino Resistance Multiplier 1.5
Structure Resistance Multiplier 1.0
XP Multiplier 3.0
Taming Speed Multiplier 6.0
Harvesting Multiplier 3.0
Resources health Multiplier 1.5
Draining Multiplier 0.5
Starvation Multiplier 0.5
Dino-Hunger Multiplier 1.0
Stamina Multiplier 1.0
Dino-Stamina Multiplier 1.0
Regeneration Multiplier 1.0
Player Harvesting Damage Multiplier 1.0
Dino-Regeneration Multiplier 1.0
Dino Count Multiplier 1.0
Decay Multiplier 1.0
Resource Respawn Multiplier 0.75
Regrow on structures multiplier 1.0
Regrow Multiplier 1.5
Dino Decay Multiplier 1.0
Platform Saddle Modifier 1.5
Lay egg interval multiplier 1.5
Dino turret damage multiplier 1.0
Dino harvesting damage multiplier 3.0
Custom recipe effectiveness multiplier 1.0
Custom recipe skill multiplier 1.0
Custom recipe skill multiplier 0.5
Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier 21
Kill XP Multiplier 3.0
Harvest XP Multiplier 3.0
Craft XP Multiplier 3.0
Generic XP Multiplier 3.0
Special XP Multiplier 3.0
Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier 1.8
Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier 1.25
Crop Growth Speed Multiplier 1.5
Fuel Consumption Interval Multiplier 1.313000
Crop Decay Speed Multiplier
Hair Growth Speed Multiplier 1.0
Oxygen Swim Speed Stat Multiplier 1.5
Corpse usage multiplier 1.25
Battery consumption multiplier 3.0
Cave Damage Multiplier 6.0
Friendly Fire On

Baby Multipliers
Baby Mature Speed Multipliers 21
Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier 3.0
Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier 1.0
Baby Food Consumption Speed Multiplier 6.0
Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Speed Multiplier 1.0


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